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Partner Yoga is an Amazing Practice.  I have had the pleasure of practicing and learning with Elysabeth Williamson of Principle Based Partner Yoga.  In the words of Elysabeth: "Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ is a visionary practice that expands the traditional practice of Yoga into the realm of relationship. Designed for two or more people, Partner Yoga utilizes the forms and principles of individual posture while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact of the experience. This particular style of Partner Yoga awakens our human potential through the integration of universal principles such as compassion, trust, balance and creativity."

I have been teaching Partner Yoga workshops in Duluth for the past five years and hold Yogi Date Nights at Yoga North somewhat regularly.  There is a beautiful relationship of Thai Bodywork and Partner Yoga that I use regularly in my private work in my studio.  The work is similar yet not the can  be intermixed in private sessions.  I weave this work very often into my Thai Bodywork Sessions done at my studio.  

I have also begun to offer Private Partner Yoga Sessions at Muggymoose.  In these sessions, you and a partner come for a two to four hour session to learn and experience work together with my guidance.  You will learn a few short sequences that you can then do again and again in your own space.  

In the words of client Cynthia Lapp of Meteek and Inner Light Mandalas:  "We really enjoyed our partner session with Margaret. I am a long-time yoga practitioner, and this was the very first yoga class of any kind for my partner.  Margaret is very clear and precise in explaining what partner yoga is about, and what to note and do as we proceeded through our session. She had a clear structure to lead us through the time, but was flexible about modifying or adding things as we had questions, or discovered variations on our own.   What resulted for us was a new way to connect with each other, with notes from Margaret that have made it easy to do the poses and movements at home. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to our next session with Margaret!"

It is my great love and joy to work with two people connecting in this way.  The energy and connection formed in a short time is without words.  Except:  LOVE!

  • Love Rocks!
Love Rocks