Summer Rejuvenation

After a Long Beautiful Summer of Play and Sunshine and Water, I am back to my Amazing Work!  With a creative new website made by a beautiful designer, I am feeling blessed to have this to accompany my many unique and beautiful clients.  I am so blessed in this work to help and be surrounded by such great people that entrust me to help their bodies and souls.  Through yoga, massage, thai bodywork and essential oils, I am honored each and every time I work with someone.

Looking forward to my Ayurvedic Training starting in November, a new website and many updates to my space; new energy abounds.  Every year as I move through this life, I have a new focus.  Every year I am older and wiser and have learned something new.  This year I am putting forward to change, to new energy in clients and students and to being a Student.  Looking forward to many more adventures with you in the next many years!  It is a circular process.....around and around starting over and over we go.  

Thank you for involving me in your precious lives.  I am truly blessed.