Traditional Ashiatsu - by Emily Ostos

Emily Ostos is my partner in crime at Muggymoose Massage and Thai Bodywork.  I am so honored to have her by my side, sharing our ancient traditions from Thailand and China.  Please read below her description of Traditional Ashiatsu, which can be received at the Muggymoose Sky Studio.  We love our Ancient Traditions!  

Traditional Ashiatsu: A truly unique, powerful modality.

All Massage is healing. Oriental massage therapy is specific in its actions in that its foundation of Chinese medical theory and Vedic-Thai healing systems, make it a form of medical bodywork.

Ashiatsu is a modality used in Chinese massage techniques utilizing foot pressure.

         Ashi-foot           Shiatsu-pressure

Ashi points also refer to spots of pain or tension, that have no fixed location and may change over time. This bodywork assesses the tendenomusculature of the body (muscles, tissues, and bones.) Using feet to apply pressure, the therapist is able to access pain or Ashi, being released to the surface, thus resolving long-standing pain that contributes to dis-ease of the body. Understanding the mind body connection, bodywork at this depth can transform the body and heal pain relating to emotional and physical symptoms of all kinds. Using Chinese meridian mapping, each section of the body correlates to its form and functions.

Benefits of Traditional Ashiatsu:

  • -Dredges, clears, and expels unwanted pathogenic factors 
  • -Invigorates vitality 
  • -Aligns tendenomusculatures of meridian channels 
  • -Balance neurochemical/glandular systems
  • -Resets nervous system by soothing the center and calming one’s life force
  • -Releases hydraulic pressure from the four limbs and trunk of the body 
  • -Heals deep tissue wounds
  • -Stimulates circulatory/lymphatic systems
  • -Invigorates Qi and blood
  • -Breaks deep tissue adhesions
  • -Adjusts and aligns the myofascial network of the neck, head, spine, and lower limbs
  • -Affects cellular transformation
  • -Benefits the spirit through cellular regeneration
  • -Revitalizes the major vital functions of the digestive, elimination, circulatory/lymphatic, respiratory, nervous/electrical, musculoskeletal systems
  • -Treats postural and emotional holding patterns
  • -Lubricates and facilitates the movement of joints
  • -Restores, harmonizes, and balances Qi, Yin and Yang

During session, the client is fully clothed and bars or straps are used to allow the therapist to properly distribute weight. 

I’ve had the opportunity to study in Miami with Rainbowfire PeiChing Lu, a sought after healer and spiritualized human being.  As a master massage healer with over 19 years of continual practice and refinement, she has provided healing for hundreds. Rainbowfire PC is a Continuing Education provider and teacher of the Traditional Chinese Medical massage art and healing system. As an activist, she pledges to serve her mission, “transforming the planet, one being at a time” through her healing presence, instruction, musical performances.  I look forward to returning to Miami in March to further my training! 

It is an unforgettable, deeply healing experience.