Ayurvedic and Essential Oil Ideas for Cough, Cold and Fever

The Cold and Flu Season is Upon us.  And man, there’s a bad strain out there this year!  i decided to write this post because I have been doing some reading and digging in my text books from my Ayurvedic Specialist Training.  I also have great Essential Oil knowledge from my work with DoTerra Oils.  This was just out of sheer desperation for my child and myself....we needed remedies!

I have gone to my Ayurvedic and Essential Oil Toolbox and here are a few things I have come up with to avoid going to the cough syrup or Advil or doctor.  If you have any questions about any of this or need any Oils, let me know!  I will for sure be able to get you the oils and will do my best to answer your questions and....If I don’t know....I’ll find out!  

Preventitive Measures

  • OnGuard Oil :  The Magic Bullet
    • We use OnGuard Oil throughout the cold and flu season to keep illness at bay or ward off a bad oncoming sore throat or sickness.  We also turn to it if there is something going around at school or there is another sick person in our family.  Like everyone, sometimes we get lazy and don’t stay on top of it.  Apparently this time, we forgot!
    • Ways to Use
      • For small children or old people or anyone, apply oil to the feet
      • Can put 1-2 drops in glass ( use glass, not plastic ) of water and drink, be a little mindful as the oil can be spicy to the lips
      • With onset of a sore throat, put 1-2 drops in a glass ( glass not plastic ) of water and gargle for one minute.  Spit out.
  • Nutrition:  this should be common sense but basic healthy nutrition with tons of Vitamin C and other Whole Foods will help maintain your immune system throughout this season
  • Oregano Oil:  The Big Guns
    • If everything has gone to hell in a hand basket, get out the big guns.  Oregano oil is a very strong oil so you only really want to use this if the victim is really down for the count.  Do not apply Oregano oil to anywhere but the feet on the body.
    • I use Oregano oil if I’m really “down” or really “going down”.  It is so strong it literally helps to burn the illness out of your body.  It might even help “move” things through your system and get your digestive tract back on track.  It is a highly medicinal oil with great results


Children can get really high fevers!  Adults can too but they generally don’t spike quite as high.  Here are some tricks I have used to drop a fever just like Advil.

  • Peppermint Oil on the Feet, works like a charm to drop a fever
  • Ginger Tea: Ginger is Mother Earth’s Remedy for bacterial and viral infections
    • Steep a few slices of ginger in water
    • Strain and add 1T raw honey and 2T of lemon juice ( or 1-2 drops lemon oil)
    • Let cool and enjoy
  • Raw Honey:  You can find raw honey ( not the kind in the honey bear ) from the coop
    • Honey is loaded with calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, postassium, sodium and zinc.  It is a very nourishing food to have for a fever and provides lots of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.  Perfect for children, because why would they turn down something sweet!
  • Garlic:  My child doesn’t jump on this opportunity but hey, adults get fevers too!
    • The compound allicin is what gives it its strong flavor and reduces fevers.

Persistent Non-Productive Dry Cough

My son Tae has had a high fever with a strong cough keeping him up night after night.  We are doing many things to try to keep his cough down because it just keeps him up.  Once a child starts coughing like crazy, it is hard to calm their respiratory tract in order to breathe normally and thus, the vicious cycle continues.  Below are some ideas that might help you or your child.

  • Breathe Oil.  Either diffuse or put on the feet.  This opens airways.  Can be strong in diffusing.
  • Peppermint Oil.  Either diffuse or put on feet. This also opens airways.  Can be strong in diffusing.
  • Our Famous Ginger/Honey/Lemon Tea:  we have this often to cool our cough!
    • Steep 1-2 thumb sizes pieces of ginger in water
      • Pour into mug(s)
        • Add 1-2T Raw Honey
    • Add 1-2 drops lemon oil, or you could use 1-2T fresh lemon juice
  • Peppermint Candies.  Yup.  Seriously, peppermint candy helps break the spree of coughs!
  • Golden Milk:  Golden Milk is basically milk with turmeric added and other treats to spice it up.  This drink is best before bed, as it calms the system or the bronchioles and creates a sleepy, cozy and nourishing environment in the body for sleep.
    • Put 2C high quality dairy milk or coconut milk or almond milk in a pot on the stove
    • Add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
    • if want an extra treat add 1 tablespoon coconut oil or Ghee
    • Heat on low over the stove, whisking all the while
    • Can add 1 teaspoon cinnamon for flavor and... it also stabilizes blood sugars.  
    • Other possible spices that can be added, but not necessary are a pinch of salt, black peppercorns,a cinnamon stick, fresh ginger or cardamom.
    • Once poured into individual mugs, add 1 - 2 Tablespoons Raw Honey, to taste
  • Homemade Honey Cough Syrup
    • Mix 5 Tablespoons of raw honey in 2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil and 1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice.  Heat for two minutes, let cool and the syrup is ready! 
  • Emergency Situation!  Well these aren’t REALLY emergency situations, but....in the middle of the night when nothing else is working, we resort to these...
    • We get up and go take a warm bath, Epsom salts added if possible.  This calms the whole body and the steam helps too.
    • Cumin Steaming.  Fill a large pot with water and add 1 Tablespoon of Black peppercorns, 1 Tablespoon of cumin seeds a pinch of turmeric and a piece of lemon.  Bring to a boil.  Cool slightly so as to not burn the face and place face over the pot with a towel over your head.  Breathing in the healing qualities of the herbs will help calm your system.

I hope we all get better soon and if you are sick or getting sick, please try some of these tricks!  

Sharing the Love of Natural Health,