Thai Bodywork: The Heart and Soul of Muggymoose

Post by Margaret Harstad, Owner and Operator of Muggymoose, RTT, CMT, RYT, PPYT, AYS

The Heart and Soul

Muggymoose has been a business for fourteen years.  I have been studying Thai Bodywork for fourteen years.  I will continue to study Thai Bodywork until I move past this life, and even then, I bet I'll still get to study it!  There is no end to the studies of any one form of Bodywork or Yoga.  One gets to continue to add layers, to add complimentary therapies and to deepen knowledge and experience as life moves.  I have added many other therapies to this work, such as Principle Based Partner Yoga  (which I incorporate regularly into classes and sessions), Luk Pra Kob (Thai Herbal Ball which can be used in sessions) and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage).  Every time I get to learn a new skill, the work deepens and the client and my experience with them expands.  I feel so honored to have clients work with me in this incredibly ancient work.  It is a very spiritual space for me and I hope to share as much of my passion as possible to help in the healing of my clients and students.  I always try to share my love in words, but I am not honestly the best at it.  My passion moves more through movement and hands.  When I talk, I feel lost.  When I work with clients on the mat or in the classroom in moving their bodies in space and time with hands and intuition and movement....but little passion comes through and shines.

What Is it About Thai Bodywork

It is an ancient form of work, over 2,500 years old.  It dates back to Lord Buddha.  It has deep roots.  It moves through a different realm.  Thailand is a place where the Spiritual world is close at hand and very available,  This work is so deep, so old, with so many roots, that it is hard for it not to feel "full."  In Thai Bodywork the receiver is designed to be passive, making receiving the work and movement more complete.  Hopefully the mind will be turned off.  We live a life full of "holding"....holding our bodies, holding our minds, holding our jobs, holding our family, holding stress, action.   In Thai Bodywork, we will hopefully UN-HOLD the body and mind and let the practitioner or person working with us MOVE our body FOR us....the goal is to not analyze what is happening, only feel.  Releasing our mind allows our body to release and only then can we heal.  The west is so full of "minds".  Americans are slightly teased when we come to my teacher in Thailand..."too much thinking" my teacher will say.  We need to stop analyzing our body and mind and let things release.

How "To Do" Thai Bodywork?

Once upon a time, and traditionally, Thai Bodywork was not something that you went to learn to do.  It was passed down through families and was a part of every day life.  Children worked on elders, parents worked on children, friends worked on friends.  There were fewer boundaries around healing touch.  It was a part of daily on goings.  We now have a few ways to learn and receive Thai Bodywork.  

  • One can come and receive a one on one session in Thai Bodywork in our studio

  • One can come with a friend or loved one to practice and learn lay-persons work in a class and then share the work with one another in daily life

  • One could learn to be a practitioner is a long path. The path does not necessarily "end." Sometimes people ask me what "course" I took to study this work and how long it took. Guess What? There is no one "course," I will never be done with the "course" and I will never be done learning. I am fourteen years in, and I've only just begun.