Welcome Madison Vinje!

"What is an energy healer anyways? With a term so broad and subjective, how do we find meaning in the intangible? Perhaps, through the process of unfoldment. Experiences that shape an individual practice with unique techniques and perspectives.

Madison’s energy healing path started back in early 2017 when she was experimenting with crystals. It wasn’t soon before she started to notice how “magnetic and alive” they felt in her hands. She started laying them on her body and feeling the shifts that they were able to create. One night she was practicing on a friend. She placed a labradorite palm stone on his chest and started conducting energy to this stone and the heart center with a selenite wand. It wasn’t long before there was an intense emotional release and a series of visions for her friend. This was a raw, eye opening experience in many ways. It was realized that very deep work can be accomplished with this modality and that it was nothing to mess with. Madison recognized this path as a calling and began studying and practicing.

Shortly after this time Madison found yoga, and was sinking deeper into Meditation. She also soon transitioned to a raw plant based diet for about a year that profoundly transformed her life and understanding of the bodies energetic potential. She moved from Chicago to Minneapolis where she went to the Aveda Institute to attain her Esthetician License. Although the passion for this particular work has passed, she got a lot of hands on experience delivering healing touch to a multitude of different people.

It was also here in Minneapolis where Madison began work at a Metaphysical book and supply store where she met deeply influential guides to her path. It was here that she met her Reiki master and began learning from him. She wanted to learn proper form to what she has been learning on her own and to receive guidance from an elder in the field. She completed her Reiki 1 and 2 certifications and will begin the year long process of training for her master level shortly.

Alongside what was being learned in her Reiki training, Madison also was able to receive healing work by a Shaman from Peru that helped develop her as a healer. She also underwent a soul retrieval with a Shaman from British Columbia and learned from this process as well.

After seeing how much these very subtle therapies can have such a dramatic effect within her own healing journey, Madison knew that she wanted to start helping people with this professionally. In January 2019, she started seeing clients at the Metaphysical store for energy healing for the first time and fell in love with this work. In recent times, Madison has just returned home from a month long journey in Thailand where she studied traditional Thai massage. Both giving and receiving this work opened up yet another level of depth in understanding the bodies energy system and how it’s so intricately connected with the physical.

So where does the path lead from here? As her work deepens, Madison hopes to be able to blend her passion for assisting others in their healing processes with her studies in Astrology, Psychology, and Mysticism. When she’s not doing energy work, Madison can usually be found working on videos for her Youtube channel and attending lectures and independently studying these matters. She also has an Etsy store where she sells her artwork and vintage occult goods that she finds thrifting. You can find both of these linked below!

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Madison's Instagram: @healingbymadison