Welcome Erin Wasko - LMT!

Erin Wasko started with us on September 15th. I worked with Erin many moons ago when we both started doing massage therapy back in 2004. I kid you not, that ever since we parted ways….I call her about every three years just to see “if maybe she wants to come join the Muggymoose crew!” The answer was always that she was still doing well at her home practice in Solon Springs. Well…this time, I actually didn’t even ask her! I had posted something on Social Media looking for another therapist, and who sent me a message?

I am so happy to have Erin on our team! You really should come and have bodywork with her. She has been working as a therapist for as long as I have and she has so much to share. She is a calm and warm and welcoming soul full of great energy and amazing bodywork, all accompanied by many many years of experience. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I am truly honored to have her and hope that you can get in to experience her work.

Erin’s Bio:

Erin has been doing bodywork every since she graduated from Lake Superior College in 2004. She spent a few years working at Eagles Nest in Duluth with Margaret, and then had the faith to open her own thriving practice in Solon Springs. She has very successfully been serving this community ever since.

Erin is an extremely sincere person, with a passion for travel. She grew up in Solon Springs and loves to kayak, hike, garden, ski and do yoga. She has travelled all over the world in places such as Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and the Philippines.

She has received bodywork in lots of different corners of the world and is excited to start re-seeing clients in Duluth and reconnecting with our community.

Erin is available Mondays from 10 - 6 and Fridays from 1 - 5.