Thai Mother Earth - Prha Mae Thorani


Many of Thailand’s everyday features and sights are worthy of closer inspection because they often have a special significance. For instance, many temples and gardens feature fountains or water features which depict a woman with long hair. She is often shown wringing her hair so that water flows out. This is a representation of the deity, Prha Mae Thorani, the Thai version of Mother Earth, who has her own special place in the story of the Buddha.

According to the legend, Buddha was meditating under the Bodhi Tree when Mara ( the Evil One ) tried to prevent him from reaching his goal of enlightenment. Mara, accompanied by his daughters and his demon army, set about dislodging the Buddha during his meditation. It is said that the gods protecting Buddha were driven away by Mara and his army leaving the Buddha alone to face his demons. Stretching down his right hand, Buddha touched the earth and summoned her to be his witness to his previous good deeds and merit. The earth deity in the form of a beautiful woman rose up from the earth. Twisting her long hair, she created floods of water that represented the good merit that Buddha had previously earned. The waters from Mother Earth washed away Mara and his demons and freed the Buddha to attain enlightenment.

 As a symbol of Buddha’s goodness, Mae Thorani is a popular theme for fountains in temples or domestic gardens. Mother Earth is also believed to have protective powers as well as the power to bring rain and consequently has been a popular ‘mascot’ over the years for various groups in Thailand ranging from farmers to soldiers.  I enjoy the image of her using he ponytail to whip the ignorance out of those who do not respect the Earth.