Margaret Harstad is a dedicated practitioner of Thai Bodywork. I am blessed to receive her work on a regular basis. I am convinced that Margaret's work with me has a very positive influence on my overall health and well being. 

After a session with Margaret I always have a sense of being relaxed, energized and very present to the world around me. In addition to being a highly skilled practitioner, Margaret is a fun and spirited person who brings kindness and compassion through her craft.      

~Frank D.

A Thai Body session, for me, is a very luxurious blend of assisted yoga and massage. I always leave feeling like everything is working better and in harmony. During a Thai body work session I am always amazed and surprised how Margaret finds and helps me become aware of where my body is holding tension. 

Oh, and always do at least a 90 minute session! If you do less you will regret it. A wonderful and beautiful way to honor your body, mind and spirit.

~Carol G.

I eagerly anticipate every Muggymoose Thai Yoga session for the benefits I feel in my muscles, joints, breathing, and mood while receiving -- and for days afterwards. 

Margaret seems to be able to tune in to what my body needs and focus on areas that need more attention without neglecting the rest of me.  I appreciate her taking the time to find out what has been happening and what is coming up with the rest of my life to further tailor Thai  yoga or massage, to support my lifestyle.

~Leslie S.

I did two bike intensity sessions the last two days with no pain!!!

NO PAIN!!!!!! ;) 

Margaret's hands are special and magical!!!!!!!! 

~Sara M.

I have been a regular client of Margaret’s for several years.  I can honestly say that she knows well her healing art and that she cares about it.  I have always felt cared for and respected as a client.  Margaret has always been sensitive to my aches and pains and very helpful in resolving them.  She is a peaceful person, and I have always appreciated that peace which has been very present during sessions with her.