Welcome Emily Ostos, CMT

I have asked Emily, our new therapist, to share something about herself for this post.  We are excited to have her on board and hope that you will come and see her soon!  Welcome Emily!

The Healer Within By Emily Ostos

I cannot recall the exact age I knew I was meant to be a healer. After all, my childhood had always revolved around creativity. I thrived while creating! And from a young age, I would retreat to my paints and fabrics when faced with situations or emotions beyond my grasp. Catharsis was my first glimpse of healing, a gateway.

In my early 20s, I found yoga while wrestling through emotions on a trip abroad. Again, catharsis lead the way to a much more powerful tool in healing (myself) - intention. I realized how deeply the power of my thoughts, attitude, and energetic presence impacted my experiences, connections, and even those around me. I began a yoga practice which allowed me to focus and harness my intentions. If I could find balance while twisted and on one foot, then I could find it anywhere! If I could quiet the distress of my mind, I could be a better listener, learn more effectively, and welcome growth! I HAD to share this knowledge and teach others to heal themselves.

Still, stresses, both physical and emotional, continue to abound no matter how centered we are. The art of massage brought me to the next level of holistic care: allowing someone else to assist in the unwinding, the letting go- another powerful tool in healing. I look forward to being this someone; to bringing ease, comfort, and potential to those who need it. It was the next step on my path.

Remember your power! We all have a healing tool-kit... allow your intention to guide you to optimal wellness. There is a healer in all of us; listen to your inner guru.

Join me on the mat/table sometime! To learn more about my classes/style of vinyasa and massage, check out Padma Duluth.

Padma Yoga @ Duluth Fit Lab

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