Thai Yoga Bodywork is based on the Northern Style of Traditional Thai Massage, otherwise known as Nuad Boran.  It is an ancient sacred healing art dating back 2,500 years to the time of Buddha, then making its way to Thailand.  It integrates Ayurveda, Massage, Buddhism and Yoga.

During a session you will experience rhythmic massage, deep stretching, assisted yoga and acupressure along the Thai Meridians and points known as Sen Lines and Marma Points.  Margaret brings her own flavor to the sessions through her thirteen years of studying with teachers in the US and Thailand.  She also often incorporates Ayurvedic head and foot work, thai herbal balls, Chi Nei Tsang, healing oils and the practice of Principal Based Partner Yoga.  

What is a typical session like?  

A typical Thai Bodywork session can last anywhere from one to four hours, and can include the addition of either Chi Nei Tsang or Thai Herbal Balls.  Recipients are fully clothed and lie on a futon mat designed for Thai Bodywork.  You will feel deep stretches that you can not accomplish yourself along with specific point work.  Think of your body becoming elongated and opened through a dance of our work.  The overall intention is to bring balance to the mind and spirit so the energy may flow more freely.  You will feel energized and open at the finish of the session.  

Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork

  • Releases stress and tension

  • Brings awareness to the breath 

  • Opens up chronically tight areas, thereby increasing range of motion

  • Acts similarly to Physical Therapy, helping people overcome injuries and conditions of overuse

  • Supports one’s athletic endeavors and yoga practice by helping to prevent injury and keep the muscles flexible and lengthened

  • Excellent therapy for those with chronic conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia or chronic back issues

  • Increases blood flow by clearing blockages in the body leading to increased energy and overall ease

Margaret Harstad is a Registered Thai Therapist (RTT) with the Thai Healing Alliance

She has studied this work for fourteen years in Thailand and the US. Her Thai Bodywork teachers include Tanya Boigenzahn, Bob Hadaad, Pichest Boonthumme, Jonas Westring and Om Rinraya.  She greatly honors the lineage of her work.