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There is nothing but yumminess to say about adding this to your treatment.*


What is Luk Pra Kob? 

LUK PRA KOB is the Thai name for Hot Herbal Compress, a treatment used in conjunction with Thai Yoga Bodywork. This treatment has been used in Thailand for over 400 years.  Thai Herbal Balls can be added to a Thai Session, a Chi Nei Tsang Session or a Table Session, extending the benefits of the work through warming and softening the tissues. 

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How are the herbal balls used during a session? 

The herbal ball is sometimes used at the beginning of a session, during a session or at the end of a session.  The effects are a softening of tissues, increased relaxation and increased circulation.

The herbal balls are made with a variety of herbs, typically including lemongrass, eucalyptus, ginger and peppermint.  Often, galangal and turmeric may be added.  All of these herbs provide antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics.

The herbs are joined together and placed into a muslin ball which is tied off at the top.  The herbal ball is then steamed and used during the session providing softness to the body and a lovely aromatherapy for the client.  

After the session, the client can take the herbal ball home with them, with instructions for future use.  The herbal ball is stored in the freezer and can be re-used for up to two months as a hot pack, a cold pack, in the steam room, sauna or bath.  


*Please note that prior booking is on Luk Pra Kob required to ensure that the herbal balls are prepared. So ask us about this treatment, and be sure to schedule it specifically! 

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