Welcome Erika Solin - LMT

Erika is starting at Muggymoose on June 1, 2019. We are extremely excited to have her with us and hope that you will get a chance to experience her work! During the month of June, she will be offering 15% off her sessions. Mention this to her and she will give you the discount when you check out. Welcome Erika!

Erika is a certified massage therapist and a graduate of Lake Superior College's 676 hour massage program, 2019.  There she learned a variety of modalities including Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, and Sports Massage. Her sessions are tailored to the needs and goals of the individual, and provide a holistic approach to healing. She feels honored to work in such a positive space and career. 

Erika was born in Duluth and grew up on Park Point. The lake is still her favorite place to be, swimming, kayaking, or sailing in the summers. She also plays softball in the summers with a group of friends, and enjoys getting together with her family regularly.    

Before finding her passion for massage therapy, Erika earned a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from St. Scholastica.  During school, Erika discovered her passion for travel. She did a tour through Europe the summer after her junior year and took a J-Term class in Morocco during her senior year at Scholastica. After school Erika spent 4 months living in Oaxaca, Mexico where she worked as an intern for a company called ProWorld. She returned home for about a year before jumping on the opportunity to live and work in Western Australia. She spent 8 months total in the land down under before returning home again. While life has settled down more now for Erika, she still enjoys travelling and is always up for an adventure someplace new.